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Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

Yaletown has one of the most engaging and active community centres in all of Vancouver and is rich with history and culture, not to mention an architectural marvel. Yaletown is the perfect place to live as it is the perfect mix of location, trend and convenience. This community centre is the piece de resistance for this well laid out, hip and energetic part of the city. The Roundhouse Community Centre has a huge variety of programs, a performance hall, farmers markets, art exhibitions, a gymnasium for every sport possible, and hosts a perfect environment to meet and greet. The Roundhouse Community Centre is a hub for new, fresh and interesting people to come together and explore the wide variety of possibilities available.

History of the Roundhouse

The Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre is rich with history. Many of the original features have been preserved, making this a special place to come and be inspired. The Roundhouse was originally a works yard and storage space for the CPR steam trains. It was a vibrant hub for the trains that helped grow our beautiful city. The Roundhouse was the largest facility of its kind in Canada at the time. Its construction began in 1888 and went through numerous expansions over the years.

When the steam train was slowly overtaken by the diesel train the Roundhouse began to be forgotten about and over the years was left abandoned. The only people that maintained an interest in this space were the steam train enthusiasts.

When the Provincial Government announced the purchase of this land, in 1980, it was planned that this historical marvel would be demolished. It was only after some special interest groups came together that this beautiful building was saved.

Eventually, it was converted into one of the most popular pavilions at the World Exposition of 1986. After Expo ’86, it was planned and carried through to make this one of Canada’s most unique community centres based on community development through arts and culture.

The Roundhouse Community Arts Centre is also home to the first passenger train ever to enter into Vancouver in 1887. It is a sight worth seeing.


The Roundhouse offers programs for every single age group from prenatal to post-natal mommy groups, to preschool kids, and all the way up to the older adults. There is a program for everyone.

New moms are able to get out of the house with their babies and meet other mommies in the same situation as themselves.

Youth have a place to go that is safe and healthy. They have teen meet ups, movie nights, and many programs from technology to art classes, to cooking, astronomy and math.

Adults can take classes to widen their interests and skills, get fit or meet new people and seniors can get out and socialize, keep their brains active and enjoy their lives.

The Roundhouse has a woodworking shop, pottery and dance studios, a full sized gymnasium and various multipurpose spaces for anything your heart desires. This is a place where people come together to have a great time, broaden their minds, learn a new skill, keep active and lead a positive lifestyle. It is the perfect addition to an already amazing Yaletown. It gives back so much to this amazing community.

The Performance Centre

The amazing Performing Arts Centre is a beautiful space to come out and see a play or a band, dance group or speaker. Located in the former Diesel Shed of the old Roundhouse, it still dons its original large train doors, beautiful brickwork and other unique and intriguing features. It is always bustling with something new and current.

You can purchase a ticket to see a show or come out to some of the free events in this room. This space is available for rent, so if you are interested in attending the numerous shows or being in one of them, this place is the perfect venue for everything under the sun.

The Roundhouse Turntable Plaza

After a huge renovation and much consultation with the public, the Turntable Plaza has reopened with many new features to bring the people together. This is home to a variety of events such as live performances, corporate events, weddings and numerous festivals and community events. It is a large outdoor space that is covered in the summer with a large white tent, but still up and running all throughout the winter. It has some modern red loungers for the passerby to relax and watch the people walking by or to watch one of the many entertaining shows available. The gorgeous wooden floor has up lighting and a mist feature that makes it a perfect place for a variety of performances. The large crane that stands above is even suited for aerialists! Pick up a coffee from the Roundhouse café and enjoy the view from the Turntable Plaza.

The Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre is a special place, and makes Yaletown one of the most desirable places in the entire Lower mainland to live. This community centre offers everything you could imagine and more. The athletes come to train, the spiritualists come to share, the children come to play, the moms and dads come to socialize and the seniors come to laugh. The recreation centre is always bustling with something new. You could walk in at any day of the year and there will be a new art exhibition in the hall or a Jazz musical playing in the café. Yaletown is a very special place and this community centre has it all. It aids in the allure of Yaletown and one of the reasons why it is an extremely attractive place to live.

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