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Yaletown is a district in Vancouver’s downtown core and its services and utilities fall under the jurisdiction of the municipal government of the city of Vancouver. The convenient layout and the usability of public space, that has made Yaletown a safe and coveted place to live, has been part of the city of Vancouver’s ongoing vision. Yaletown is equipped with the supreme services and utilities that are offered by the government of Vancouver. It is well organized and well thought out. Here is a brief look at some of the roles and responsibilities of Vancouver’s municipal government and what you can expect from each.

City Council

Vancouver’s municipal government is made up of a ten member city council. This council is headed by the mayor of the city. Each councilor, including the mayor, is elected by the residents of Vancouver to serve a 4 year term. This council is responsible for all bylaws in the city, collecting property tax, and approving and implementing any spending for city projects.

Utilities and Property Taxes

The city of Vancouver provides a wide range of services that fall under the umbrella of utilities. These services include water distribution, sewer collection and treatment, garbage collection as well as a host of recycling and green services. For this wide range of services, every household in Vancouver is expected to contribute and are billed yearly in their July property tax notice.

The annual property taxes not only cover utilities, they also help pay for a vast array of services and projects in Vancouver. These services include policing, firefighting and emergency rescue. Property taxes also pay for recreation and community centres, green spaces and parks as well as libraries. Finally, property taxes pay for and support programs to help build stronger communities.

Property tax rates are set based on the assessed value of your property and the type of property you own. There is a home owner’s grant that every household can apply for, that will help reduce your annual property taxes. Property taxes can be paid online, by cheque or in person at Vancouver’s City Hall.

Hospitals and Clinics

The city of Vancouver is home to some of the best hospitals in all of the province. These hospitals offer specialized services and address the needs of many of BC’s residents. In addition to these great hospitals, Vancouver also has many clinics which provide a host of services. All of these services, while located in and around Yaletown, are provided for and funded by the province of B.C. The closest hospital to Yaletown is St. Paul’s Hospital. St. Paul’s offers world class medical and surgical programs and offers many unique and intense programs for some of the provinces most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

There are medical clinics located in Yaletown. One of these clinics, The Yaletown Medical Clinic, provides the community with a wide range of medical services to ensure optimal health. These services include family medicine, prenatal and maternity care as well as pediatric and infant medical care.

The close proximity to a world renowned hospital as well as clinics such as the Yaletown Medical Clinic are just more reasons as to why Yaletown continues to be such a popular place to call home.

Garbage and Recycling

The garbage and recycling programs in Vancouver are one of the many utilities and services that are offered by the city. These services are part of the greenest city action plan that has set targets to reduce solid waste by 50% from all 2008 levels. In order to achieve this goal, the city has taken many steps to reduce their garbage levels. Some of these steps include a collection of food and organic wastes such as yard trimmings and improving and extending their recycling programs. The city of Vancouver provides each household with separate, colour coded boxes and bins for the different recycled products and provides a weekly pickup.


All of Vancouver’s residential homes have full access to the power grid and each individual house is charged for their electricity consumption by BC Hydro, a provincially owned resource. The Yaletown neighbourhood, however, is part of a greener initiative for power known as the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility. This green program uses waste thermal energy captured from sewage to provide heating and hot water to buildings in the Yaletown district. This initiative will reduce over 60% of the greenhouse gas pollution associated with heating buildings. It is self-funded and is part of the utility bill that comes with your July property tax and assessment. This green approach to heating is another reason as to why Yaletown is such a coveted and great place to call home.

Emergency Numbers

Some important emergency numbers to know about, for the city of Vancouver are:

  • 911 – Emergency
  • 311 – Contact the city of Vancouver
  • 811 – Health Link

The city of Vancouver is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in all of North America. This is a sure reason as to why it is one of the most livable cities in the entire world. Through innovative projects such as waste reduction and utilizing sewage for heat, the city of Vancouver continues to be a leader in green initiatives. The city has also done a great job in its planning stages and that is why Yaletown continues to be one of the most coveted neighbourhoods to live in in the entire city. I would love to show you how the green initiatives of Vancouver have made Yaletown more desirable and why a Yaletown property and a Yaletown lifestyle are such a great choice. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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