7 Things You Didn’t Know About Condo Living

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Condo living offers a unique living situation that comes with many added benefits that you probably never knew about. Let’s explore some of the benefits that come along with owning a condo and being a part of a condo community. And if you’re considering investing in a condo, take a look at these beautiful Yaletown condos available in Vancouver, BC.

1. You’re Free to Customize Your Living Space.

While apartment complexes and rented homes generally have regulations against making customizations to your living space, condos allow you to make your home your own. You own your condo, so you’re free to hang up pictures, paint the walls and renovate your space to your pleasure.

2. Condos Mean Shared Costs and Responsibilities.

Condos have reserve funds to cover the majority of the property maintenance like replacing and upgrading windows, siding and roofing. This means that not only do you not need to do the work, but also that you don’t even have to pay additional costs for it. If the reserve fund isn’t enough to cover a certain issue, the condo will conduct a “special assessment” to ensure the cost of the issue is shared equally among owners.

3. No More Yard Work!

Being a homeowner also means being a property owner–and being responsible for your entire property’s upkeep. When you own a condo, on the other hand, your monthly fees cover property services like mowing the lawns, shoveling the show and making repairs to outside structures.

4. Condos Offer a Variety of Amenities.

Apartment complexes often have convenient amenities, but many condo communities offer even more amenities like swimming pools, gyms, party rooms and theatre rooms.

5. Condos Are Often More Affordable.

When you pay for a condo, you are paying for ownership of your living space. You pay to own a freehold home as well, but the cost of condos is often significantly cheaper than the cost of a home.

6. You Have More Security.

Condos often offer a greater amount of security than apartments and freehold houses. Your other condo owners are more likely to take care of their living area than renters are. And your condo offers you a surrounding community, whereas freehold homes do not offer such a sense of community. Many condos even have secure entrances or doormen for added security.

7. A Community for Every Lifestyle

Many condo communities cater to specific lifestyles and groups of people, from families to younger singles to retired adults. Common areas like recreation rooms and swimming pools are often the venues for community activities, which can be much more enjoyable if you’re surrounded by people with whom you share common ground.

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