A Spring Cleaning Guide to Preparing Your Yaletown Condo

Yaletown Condo

Springtime is in full swing, and that means it’s time to get the condo ready to open up. Maybe you’re looking to entertain family and friends at parties and gatherings this spring and summer. Maybe there’s just a lot of work you’ve been putting off over the winter, and it’s time to get to it. Maybe you’re even looking to sell your condo. Whatever the reason, now is the time to get cleaning!

Check out this spring cleaning guide to preparing your Yaletown condo for whatever might be coming down the pike this spring and summer season.

Be Thorough

Too many people just cut corners on spring cleaning, taking a “good enough” attitude. When you clean, clean everything, bottom to top and inside out. Take the clothes out of the closets and get into the corners. Clean out the air vent slats. Wipe down the furniture, clean upholstery, clean door knobs and light switches. Even your appliances, washer and drier can use it.

Germs and dust bunnies tend to really build up over the winter, so the more thorough you are in your spring cleaning, the healthier your home will be.

Make It Easy for Maintenance

One of the primary attractions to living in a condo is the maintenance that’s provided by the building management or condo association. Since they’re doing things like cleaning ducts, changing filters, maintaining alarms and painting common areas, try to make sure they’re all easily accessible. It’s just basic consideration. Try to tackle it before you get notice that they’ll be coming around so you’re not rushed.

Take Care of Balcony Windows

One desirable feature of many condos are gigantic, floor to ceiling window views. If these open up to a balcony, it’s on you to keep them clean. Get an extendable cleaner and take the time to clear off built-up grime which may not be immediately visible, but which you’ll notice when it’s gone! Improve that natural light by cleaning your big windows.

Elbow Grease vs. Grout

Be honest: when was the last time you really thought about scrubbing the grout in your bathroom? You’re not alone — this is one of the most commonly-overlooked task in spring cleaning, but it’s one that can make a big difference in healthy living. Germs and mold start in these crevices and all it takes to clean them out is some vinegar and baking soda and an old toothbrush.

Caulking, Sealing and Minor Repairs

Now is the time to check over your condo for any wear, cracks or gaps that need to be filled, and get that taken care of. It may be on you, or it may be part of building maintenance — you’ll have to check your owner’s agreement to be sure — but it’s important to energy savings, keeping bugs out, and keeping the air clean.

Yaletown Condo Sales

Maybe you’re looking to get your Yaletown condo in shape to sell it? If so, I’m ready to help! Check out my ultimate guide to selling your home, and get in touch to get top dollar for your condo or home in the Yaletown area today.

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